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Okay, so I have a lot of ideas in my head, and most of them I tend to forget or I just lose interest after the fist idea strikes me.

Here are some of the ideas which stuck around, and which I hope some people enjoy.

1) The Application of BGM in Games:

You tend to tense up somewhat when you reach an area in the game that has a lot of health packs, ammo, and stores, mid zone.
Usually around this time, the bgm goes either really quiet or somewhat ominous.

Essentially, this:

Now there was some talk somewhere on the internet (again, in major part, Tumblr), which came up with this amazing idea:

While all this is well and good, I'm thinking something different and possibly sinister. 

Imagine a game where you just fended off a massive dungeon room with all sorts of creatures, and then you reach for the room with all the health items and the potions. (If you're playing an FPS, then all the health kits, and ammo your tiny little character is capable of holding.) The music playing is somewhat peaceful.
Not exactly quiet, but not exactly loud either.
Its the music that you heard throughout your journey as you explored the wide open spaces of the overworld. 

For those of you wondering, that would be:

For Fallout 4

From Skyrim, I give the music from Whiterun: 

From Bioshock Infinite (Not the original two.. those dont have any peaceful music):

Which is neither Boss music nor any form of soothing relaxing music. It is Alive! But its still not the type to get you mentally preparing yourself for a Dark Souls 2 type of Boss.

So what happens if you're in a room, and the terrible battle music from the previous room slowly fades into the Skyrim one or the Fallout one?
You would relax, I'm guessing. Think that the worst of it is over. If you're one of the more gung-ho gamers, you would possibly also feel somewhat disappointed.

You enter the next room, all calm music still playing and you feel just that small twinge of accomplishment. Mentally going "Aw yiss.... That dungeon was easy as hell!"
You're in a somewhat closed off area, and at the edge of the room is a large creature, humanoid in shape. As you approach it, the music continues and doesnt change once.
It (he for my narration purposes) seemingly notices you and starts moving towards you as well. 
The music is still playing, and you mentally clench. You're expecting a cutscene or something once you approach the beast.
Nay! As you approach him, he barely acknowledges you, and walks right past you. The nerve!
In game mechanics make it that no matter what you do, he is an object which just cannot be interacted with, no matter how many spells you launch at him, or how many times you swing your sword. 
You give up, and then reach the end of the room. At which point, you get thrown headfirst into the walls of the room (the in game mechanics, those walls. Not the literal walls. maybe those too.)
Turns out that the guy who ignored you and walked past you is the boss.
But theres no change in bgm. The same normal music plays throughout the fight. You dont even see a health bar, but its going on. 

Now, I'm expecting people to kinda just drop what they're doing at this stage, and go online to check if the game was broken or not.
Seems like a fun idea.

2) Doctor Who: The Doctor revisits.

For those of you who dont know, this show originally started on Nov 23rd, 1963 and has been on air since (except for a gap between 1989 and 2005) and had its 50th anniversary special on Nov 23rd, 2013. 

The headcannon goes as such:

In the latest episode, The return of Doctor Mysterio, we have mentions of a lot of older episodes and events. Most notably, the paradoxes in New York, caused by the events of the episode "The Angels take Manhattan"; the mention of how he usually gets an invasion "every christmas", a reference to the christmas specials before now.
But the two that stood out to me were these:
He went back and restored Nardole (even it was for selfish reasons like not being alone), and he kept dropping in to check on Grant when he was younger.

This sends a message that the doctor goes back. He doesnt actually leave like people keep thinking he does.

'Course, we see this with 10 and 11 too. When 10 was regenerating, he went back through his life to say goodbye to people like Jack, Sarah Jane, Mickey, Martha and Rose. 

But this one made me think of two things:

Firstly, Donna Noble. I want to think that he went back and kept looking her up, once he became 12, to make sure that she was alright. This new doctor was one born of hope and forgiveness.
I want there to be moments when the Doctor and Donna bump into each other as they enter/exit a book store or a coffee shop.
I want there to be a moment of "Oh, Im so sorry, I didnt see you there" by Donna, and the Doctor going "No problem Donna. Be careful." and walking out before she can register that a random grey haired man knew her name.

Secondly, the scene from the 50th Anniversary Special "The Day of the Doctor".
There is this scene where 3 incarnations of the Doctor are in the Tower of London and they're talking about getting out. 
I have a clip of it, but the video is darkened to avoid copyright issues.

For my headcannon, listen to the first 30 seconds, and then go to about 3 minutes in, and watch from there.

Im guessing that after 24 years with River song, there was a day when the doctor kept thinking to himself that despite being a timelord and knowing what future events would take place, he was powerless to save River in the library.
Now, having known River Song's fate all the way back when he was 10, it would have been sitting with him for quite some time.
Having spent 24 years with River on Darilium, the significance of that memory would have been quite large.
When she left to go to the Library, he sat there for one day, and remembered the events.
He smiled slightly when he remembered that he had "saved" River. 
But his companion was gone. He was alone.
He would feel loneliness that would consume him.
"What is the point of being a time lord if you cant go back in time and save one person? Why couldnt I do something about it? I had almost 1100 years to make the design on the screwdriver better. To make it do more than just save her."

In that moment, I would like to believe that the doctor would glance at his own sonic screwdriver, and as its lights rotated in a set pattern, he would remember the phrase
".. implanting the calculation as a permanent subroutine in the software architecture..."
Almost instantly, he would jump into the Tardis, and walk out into the cell within the tower of London.
He points.
The door crumbles.
He smirks. Not a fully maniacal smirk. Just a "Still got it." type of smirk.
He hesitates before stepping back into the Tardis and makes up his mind to go help Nardole. The emotions on his face never showing.

Yeah, I should have written a lot more headcannons, but considering how hectic the end of the year have been, I just have to settle for two.

But I leave you with this.
If in the future, the world slows its revolution around the sun to add 52 extra days (a BIG what if, I know.) would the people then make their weeks an eight day one? Or make an extra month and add the remaining days to Feb and the other months, to "fix them"?

My first blog post of the year.
I hope you enjoy reading it.
And I hope you like the music that I've linked.

Welcome to 2017.
Have a good one.

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