Thursday, 26 January 2017

An open rant on Love trumps All.

A minor rant. I have NO Idea why there are so many lines between the sentences... it makes it a lot longer than I ever intended it to come out... So.. Read this with a little amount of patience please.

So there are two types of people on social media (the majority of the people fit under this. If you dont, good for you.)
People who are complaining about the President of the united States: Donald Trump.
People who remind the first set of people that Trump isnt the president of THEIR Country (Unless you're American. In which case, denial dont work, this is whom you're stuck with for four years.)

Things I would like to point out/add:
He may not be your own country's president, but considering that the USA has a large influence on how the economy and trends (yes, trends) work, its better when one of the largest powers in the UN isnt being run by him.
Secondly, considering how many of you are doing your level best to go to the States to either study, or emigrate there, him being in power DOES Affect you, and the Irony of all your "He isnt My country's president" should reach you about.... Now?

This is the man who influenced/inspired the largest protest rally, made up of an entire GENDER (and some members of the other genders) (yes, plural).
This is the guy who still wants to build a wall between USA and Mexico.

This is the guy who called into question the integrity of the election process (which he was right about, but cos of Russia, and not because of the votes coming in from the undocumented mexicans he seems to have a fascination with.).
He has done nothing to Control or Squash the Alt-Right movement.
(Bad joke about Ctrl+Alt+Delete... I'll think of something towards the end mostly.)

Now, American presidents have often been referred to as "The leader of the free world" and having someone with such character, who can inspire such protests... Well, its kinda like a rubix cube being used as the final puzzle piece in a large convoluted problem. Sure, the size and shape fits, but I dont think any of the faces are what anyone can consider an overall solution.

Coming to my second point.
We know that there are millions of kids who want to go to the states to study.
Now, breaking news:
Studies are going to be one PART of your day. It may be a large part of the day, but its still one part of it only.
The rest of the time, you're gonna have to fend for yourself.
You need to step outside, to go buy food, to get whatever additional work done, and so on.
Basically experience life.

Now most of you wont be coming back except during the semester breaks, or the major holidays like Diwali. Meaning you'll be there in the USA for an extended period of time.

You wanna say that line again, about how since you're not American, it wont affect you?

Now, most of you, or a few, I dont know..
Some of you wont be going abroad, and living there, so the second point doesnt have anything to do with you.
But the first does.
And that is,
(Quick recap)
He managed to get an entire gender to protest his election into the office.
And keep in mind:
3.3 Million Joined the Womens' March (3 times the inauguration) with no violence.
People marched against Trump in all 7 Continents. Yes. 7.
This included Antarctica. You should now be thinking two things:
How on Earth did this guy manage to inspire such a reaction? In ANTARCTICA?!
Ah... Antarctica. I wonder if the penguins were around.

If you werent thinking the latter, you're lying. :P

Point is...
when I wake up slightly early and check social media before I have to get ready for classes, I dont wanna have to see Sharma Ji's son's aunt posting a picture saying that non americans have no right or no need to talk about foreign affairs since it doesnt concern them.
Because invariably, I know that the same person is going to post 100+ messages and pictures of her kids going off to the States for a job or to study, with all the appropriate hashtags and tagging.

When an issue against a person's character is due to the fact that multiple nations, genders, and people feel legitimately threatened, then it becomes important that people globally come together to help.
Not this idiotic notion of "Not my issue, so I cant see it. LALALALALALALALA IM IGNORING YOU."

And I wanna just end this by saying a few things:

Go to the States if you want to. Nothing wrong about that! Just make sure you know what you're getting into. No one is questioning your choices, or condemn them.

Dont tell someone whos standing on behalf of Women rights that it doesnt concern them since its not their country. Yes, we need to give more focus to our own Nation's problems, but when its something large scale, it doesnt hurt to give ear and word once in a while. Dont stamp it out just because you dont like it.

If you, or your loved ones and family, feel targeted by this post, then I want you to keep three things in mind:
1) The numbers I pulled about the Womens' march were correct. I did in fact look them up before mentioning them.
2) If you are someone who's name IS Sharma, it was purely coincidental. intention was humour.
3) I really thought I had a third one.... Hmmmm... oh! yes!! My opinions are my own, and my blog is there for me to express said opinion. I dont intend to offend or hurt.

and in the trend of all 9Gag posts:
sorry for the long rant.
Here is a potato.

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