Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Coming Back Home.

Not sure if I've mentioned or not, but I am now officially back home.
Meaning that, for all intents and purposes, I am done with college for now. All I'm doing is waiting to get my degree and then its official. 

I had thought earlier to make a long post describing my life in VIT, as a sort of therapeutic "getting it off my chest" sigh of compressed anxiety and then relief. 
But then around about that time, my old laptop crashed.

Oh yes. I have a new laptop now. Its an Acer, and its able to play Warframe on high and not lag. Thats what most of you want to know right? What it can do?

Around about that time, my laptop crashed. My then roommate, and two of my older roommates and a couple of friends came to help out. While no one was able to actually do anything to fix it at the time, we did have a lot of fun making jokes at my expense and performing technical voodoo on the old system. 

So even though I had the app on my phone, I thought, "Why do something like that right now? Why not wait till a few months later when I can type on my laptop?" (At the time, I didnt think that it would take more than a week or so to fix it. 3 ICs, a couple of ports, and my laptop being sent to mumbai for repairs, later, and I realise thats so not the case.)

And basically since anyone who knows me knows what happened in college, since I was physically incapable of shutting up about it... It would be kinda redundant to write about it in this form, in this post, right now like. 
Not to mention slightly problematic. 
Cos. I would honestly be talking more about the food joints that served pasta outside the main campus, and the absolutely amazing views inside the campus. 

OH! Speaking of.
I am now a bit more reluctant to try pasta these days due to a failed experiment which involved uncooked pasta, strong (and I mean strong) peppered and salted boiling water, and a lack of a sauce. 
Yeah. Sometimes the experiments dont always pan out. 

Anyway, I left my college on a high note. 
I got all my stuff sorted. I got my stuff. I left finally.
And I was able to pass on a message to the future. "All the best to you all! Pass it on."
Hopefully that stays, and hopefully that helps anyone who manages to glance at it when they need it.

On coming home, there were a few things to notice almost immediately. 
One, My Dog. I dont know if I've ever spoken about him on the blog before. 40 Kgs of exuberance, dog hair and assorted crazy came barreling at me the instant I stepped through the door.
Two, the house seemed to have changed. Yes, we had just moved a while back and there is always periods of packing, unpacking, repacking, and redoing all of that till you get it just right was going on. But no. The dynamic. 
Thing is that at this point, It finally hit me that I was gonna be home for a lot longer than I had been in the past few years. Earlier, there always used to be a nagging thought at the back of my mind telling me how many days I had till I had to return to college, how many days till course registration, and so on. Many times, I thought that similar thoughts were running through my family's minds as well. 
This time?
Nah. It felt like I was there, at home. Not just unpacking for a while, and taking a break till the next stretch of the onslaught, but there to take my clothes and keep them in for however long I wanted to, and put my posters up (I had only come home once, quite briefly, to the new house. If that sentence makes sense), and simultaneously forget about going to sleep at 2 AM or skip meals when I felt like it. 

Three, although, this came about about three weeks after I got back: taking my dog for a walk. Now, when I go home, the first person to get upset is my dog. He knows that I usually only come for a few weeks here and there, so he wouldnt come to me for a walk unless he desperately wanted to.
Now, he comes to me most often, and unlike others, doesnt take "try asking (person) instead" for an answer. 

Cut to yesterday or day before morning at about 6 AM, where I get punched in the face by Joey's unofficial girlfriend's snout, cos she was so excited and came flying at my face without warning. Joey got jealous, so had to take him for a few walks that day, instead of the usual. 

The thing that I think people were all waiting for were the results of the semester that just concluded.
It was a pleasant surprise that I got a B grade in what can easily be called my worst subject EVER.
But that came and went. As did a couple of headaches that followed. 

This post really isnt to talk about a lot of things, its just to give an update, to get back to writing, and to sorta take a stab at normalising things after coming home. 

So, I hopefully will be writing a review for "Ant Man and the Wasp", on the new laptop, on a couple of older games like the BioShock or Zelda series, and maybe something new as well like Warframe. 

In other news, between the untimely end of my old laptop and starting this post today, a couple of things have shown up.

They're continuing the original Teen Titans show, probably from where it left off at the end of season 5. NOT a continuation of Teen Titans Go. This is not a drill!

And secondly, while the laptop was dead, and I was still in the hostel, I came across this show on Amazon Prime, called "Deception". Its like a cross between Castle, Now You See Me, and the mentalist.
Unfortunately, only one season.
The season as such is incredible.
A little predictable at times.
But just plain amazing.
Do check it out. :)

Hope you all are having a decent or even great day,
and hopefully I have something more to talk about the next time. 


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