Saturday, 14 April 2018

A One Year Anniversary and reflections

Recently, a sort of anniversary has passed by. My first foray into Poetry actually.

And I didnt realise this till a few days later, when Facebook sent me a notification about it :P

Oh well.


I spent the day before the anniversary asking for prompts, so that in my breaks I could write something. Cos with work and what not, it had been a while.

A cousin of mine, she gave me the writing prompt: "Reflections". Well... She gave me a couple others as well, but I made a poem based on "reflections".

Take a look,
let me know what you think,
and as always, where you think I can improve. :)


Dusty mirror, hanging on a wall,
showing the inside of a house for years.
Faces examined, and people passing through the hall,
where history lived, through smiles and tears.

In years gone by, the reflections it showed,
the large looking glass world, where magic once flowed.
A babe's delight at discovering it's twin,
and self conscious tugs and caressess of creases on your skin. 

A few years have passed, and the walls have become weathered,
the doors all creak, and the house has grumbled.
But new faces finally came, to the mirror's delight,
though it couldn't see them clearly, such was its plight. 

Though seeming familiar, the looking glass could tell,
that old faces these were not, for it had bid them farewell.
while waiting, it reminisced reflections of faces gone by,
of reflections of moments and thoughts gone awry. 

Now curious and impatient, the mirror once shook,
alas, to lose its dust, this effort was less than it took. 
But the old house listened to the mirror's shudder, 
as it passed through the walls, and made things better.

A door slammed shut, and the walls shuddered once more,
The new faces turned, startled, this party of four.
The mirror, now noticed, commanded their attention.
On cleaning, they all stood there, an unlikely congregation.

A new set of faces smiled and greeted the looking glass,
and raised their hands to say, "hello".
A new set of reflections smiled in return through the glass,
to welcome its new family with a happy "hello"

The text is in yellow because I feel like this would be something that a certain friend of mine would prefer, and her favourite colour is yellow.
So... Theres that. :)

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