Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Okay, so this is just the beginning of my blog, and this is just me telling you what all I'll be posting on my blog, and to say Hello! :D

So basic introductions:

My name is Ryan, and I am the owner of this blog.

I aspire to be a proper writer, and need to practice a lot for that to happen, so in part, this is me doing just that: practicing. 

I will be writing reviews of a lot of things. 
That includes things like 
  • TV show episodes (The Flash, Lucifer, and so on usually. Not a game of thrones fan tbh)
  • Movies (At the time of this blog, the latest movie I had seen was...... I dont even remember it... yikes)
  • Books
  • Current news around the world
  • Some software even (yes.. trying to get into the tech side of things.)

All in some haphazard order of things, and with random snippets of my story being thrown in there for non comic effect, so that you guys can tell me what you think. :) 

A few people I wanna mention:
Myself (Again, HELLO!)
A friend most Sweet (who actually in part helped come up with the name of this blog)
A friend who kinda fell in (who also in part helped come up with this blog)
and a few others :) (who will be mentioned in future posts and all as I keep writing. Dont kill me guys....) 

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